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Sutterby's Paralegal  & Non-Lawyer Document 

Preparation Services

Sim F. Sutterby, II, Owner

1980 N. Atlantic Ave Ste 414

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Serving all Florida counties/Virtual Paralegal & Non-lawyer Document preparation

Paralegal and Document Preparation Services regarding Family Law Matters (prenups, postnups, divorce, custody, modification, enforcement, contempt, adoption, paternity), Probate (summary administration, disposition w/out administration), Estate Planning (wills, trusts, POA, health care surrogate, living will), Appeals (criminal, civil, family law), Deeds (warranty, quit claim, life estate, enhanced life estate), Expungement (expunging and sealing of criminal records, restoring basic and gun rights), and I also provide a free attorney referral service if your issues require such.


    Law office support and remote paralegal services regarding family law matters, probate, criminal, appellate and legal research utilizing  Lexis Advance to cover your research needs remotely.

    I have various resources available to me for conducting legal research, including unlimited access to leading legal research databases, access to most recent and updated court rules and laws, and pleading/court forms. 

    I specialize in legal research and writing and help attorneys across several practice areas, including but not limited to, civil litigation, real estate, family law, criminal law, appellate law and postconviction relief. 

    I take confidentiality very seriously here at Sutterby's Paralegal Services. And I take precautions to ensure the highest confidentiality of my clients' matters including utilizing secure technology and best practices. 


A+ Rating BBB


    I was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida and have been working for attorneys for more than 15 years.  Some of the attorneys that I originally worked for still come to me for assistance and I have an ongoing professional relationship with these attorneys on contract basis regarding legal research, drafting petitions, pleadings, and motions in several different practice areas.

    I have my own online legal research subscription and I provide the most up to date citations and case law for your firm's needs. Please call for prices.

    For the non-lawyer, I will prepare your petitions, complaints, pleadings, motions, notices, etc., utilizing Florida Supreme Court Approved Documents. I also have legal kits regarding estate planning, appeals and many more.

    I have a degree in Paralegal Studies, an ABA (American Bar Association) Approved Certificate, I am a Notary Public, as well as being a member of several paralegal societies and bar associations.

    My specialties are Appeals, Postconviction Relief, Family law Matters, Civil Litigation and Legal Research.

    Please call me for a free consult.

    I look forward to assisting you with your legal needs.

1980 N. Atlantic Ave., Suite 414, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Phone: 321-704-0874

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    I am not an attorney and I cannot give legal advice.

However, I do provide a free attorney referral service if your legal issues require legal representation.

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